Sustainability activities in the Brückner Group

Sustainability activities in the Brückner Group

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Sustainability activities in the Brückner Group restructured

Sustainability is one of the top topics of our time. More and more companies talk about their "Corporate Social Responsibility". This is actually nothing new for the Brückner Group: it has always been aware of its responsibility with regard to the environment and social issues and acts out of conviction as a sustainably operating group of companies.

Some examples from the history:

  • For many years, the companies of the Brückner Group have repeatedly received awards for their achievements as training companies
  • The traditional support of non-profit, cultural and charitable associations, organizations or initiatives testifies to the deep roots in the various home regions
  • The Brückner kindergarten at the Siegsdorf site as an expression of the compatibility of work and family has existed for almost 30 years
  • The constant reduction of the energy consumption of the machines and plants is part of the continuing business success of the group members
  • The development of sustainable films and packaging has not only been in focus since legislators and the media have put the topic on the agenda worldwide:
    • Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec have been conducting research and development on bioplastics for a good 15 years, resulting in completely new plant types as well as the conversion of existing plants for the production of biodegradable films
    • PackSys-Global’s lines for the production of beverage closures, were the first to be able to cut so-called "super shorty designs", thus achieving a significant reduction in weight as well as material. The hot stamping machines for a wide variety of decoration solutions have always focused on thin material application and economical use of resources.
    • Kiefel has been producing sustainable materials such as PLA on its machines for years. Substitute materials, for example recycled polymers or new fiber-based materials, could also be processed on existing and newly developed Kiefel equipment at an early stage.
  • The group initiative "Yes, we care", which has received a great deal of attention both nationally and internationally, was not just launched now, at a time of "sustainability hype"; it has already been in existence since 2017.

The diversity of activities in the area of corporate social responsibility will remain - but what is new is a structuring according to the "three-pillar model" into ecological, social and economic aspects of sustainability. This will help the many partners, customers, applicants and other stakeholders interested in the topic to find relevant information more quickly; for example, on the websites of the Group companies, which are currently being updated in this regard.

In the future, a sustainability coordinator in each company of the Brückner Group as well as in the management holding company will further promote, bundle and channel the topics. And of course, sustainability will be one of the topics at the world's largest plastics trade fair K 2022