Taking care about sustainability

Taking care about sustainability

We are well aware of our responsibility

Because we care!

One of our prime concerns is to bequeath the best possible world to future generations. Consequently, all Brückner Group companies are therefore working on ways to ensure that film and packaging are produced on their machines with the least possible use of resources and with the highest possible recycling capability: 

  • Brückner Maschinenbau: The new BOPE line (biaxially oriented polyethylene) concept makes the production of mono-material films with superior mechanical and optical properties possible. These are excellent to sort in waste separation and are ideal to recycle.
  • Brückner Servtec: Special audits offer support for film producers
    to modify their machines to the newest environmental standards.

  • Kiefel: New line and tool technologies are designed to process various mono-material structures for all important plastics  (also bio-based) as well as recycled post-consumer materials.

  • PackSys Global: A newly designed mono-material tube (including lid) ensures optimal recycling capability. Tubes and lids do not have to be separated beforehand.

The plastic films and plastic packaging produced on the machines from Brückner Group companies protect the packed products securely from environmental influences. This extends the shelf life and reduces storage losses – good for the environment.

The Brückner Group is well aware of its responsibility regarding the environment and sustainability. This is why the “Yes, we care” initiative was launched in 2017. After all: Environmental protection begins at home! 

“The future belongs to plastic when it is used and reused sustainably. As part of a circular economy, plastics’ highly flexible and useful properties can be perfectly combined with the sustainable demands of a modern society.”
Dr. Axel von Wiedersperg, CEO Brückner Group GmbH, Siegsdorf, Germany


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