People at the centre

Social sustainability is a decisive factor

For us as a family business, our employees are our most valuable asset. Every day, they open up new potential for the various companies worldwide. This is how we strengthen our market and technology leadership and make the difference in our future-oriented niche markets.

We consistently create the conditions for outstanding individual performance and reward it. Fair and social working conditions, freedom to think and act independently, and the courage to embrace unconventional ideas lead to joint decisions based on teamwork.

Dr. Alexandra Größ

Head of Human Resources, Brückner Group
As a family business, we are aware of our social responsibility. This is also reflected in our worldwide activities in the area of training and employee development as well as our social commitment - regionally and internationally. As a responsible company, we rely on committed and motivated employees.”

Social commitment

As a responsible company, we need committed employees

We stand by our social responsibility - whether regionally or internationally. As part of our "Yes, we care" initiative launched in 2017, we support non-profit organisations every year that make a sustainable contribution to recycling and the circular economy around the world. We are currently supporting the ASASE Foundation, which collects waste in the heavily plastic-polluted Ghanaian capital Accra and recycles it into consumer goods, and Buy Food with Plastic. In certain regions of India, Nicaragua and Ghana, it pursues the idea of using collected plastic bottles to pay for hot meals.

Our sustainability efforts can also be verified. For example, our company Kiefel was independently audited in 2021 and awarded the EcoVadis sustainability certification in the form of a silver medal. This puts the company in the top 25% of all companies audited by EcoVadis and even in the top 10% in the industry. In the same year, Kiefel also made it to the 82 finalists for the German Sustainability Award in the "Design" category. Out of an original field of more than 1,000 applicants, making it to the final alone is a further accolade for the multifaceted efforts in the Brückner Group.

The commitment of each and every one of our employees is at least as important. Thus, we appreciate and support every voluntary activity - be it in the volunteer fire brigade or the mountain rescue service. In the event of a mission, for example, they are released from work.

We also support clubs and organisations from the regions of our locations with financial donations and have already been able to help them with new jerseys, sports equipment or a social club party.

Regional responsibility

Sweeping in front of our own front door

With our "Yes, we care" initiative launched in 2017, we not only want to educate the public about recycling and the circular economy. We are also reaching out to our colleagues around the world and raising awareness of sustainability among individuals. Because in the end, it is important to "clean our own house" first.

Waste separation or the healthy use of finite resources is now widespread in Europe and we live it every day at our local sites. We are all the more pleased that our other sites around the world are also actively tackling the issue of sustainability and making their contribution.

For example, the Brückner Group India participates in the local initiative "Bottles for change". As part of this programme, our colleagues collect their plastic bottles every week and hand them over to bottles for change. There, the collected material is shredded into fine flakes and then used again to make fabrics, handbags, blinds and other useful products.

In one week alone, several kilograms of plastic bottles quickly accumulate. In addition to their own more sustainable use of plastic, the colleagues on site also raise awareness among other surrounding companies and thus carry the idea further.

With our worldwide network of branches, we can also build bridges. At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, there was a shortage of masks and disinfectants in the region around our Siegsdorf and Freilassing sites. With the help of our Chinese company Brückner Group China, we were able to supply the districts of Traunstein and Berchtesgadener Land with protective masks, disinfectants and disposable gloves several times. More than 100,000 masks alone were handed over to nursing homes, hospitals, registered doctors or various organisations such as the public fire brigade in the region. Our Kiefel company also produced and supplied 1.2 million protective shields for the "Faceshields" used worldwide. In this way, we use our wide-ranging group of companies to also take on regional responsibility.

Vision & Mission

People make the difference

In a constantly changing world, globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability are constantly driving us forward. As a globally active group of companies, we are characterised by long-term strategic thinking. It is important to maintain the independence and autonomy of the individual companies and at the same time to strengthen the entire group through synergies and diversification. Our actions are shaped by the following core themes:

Passion & Commitment

We are machine builders, are market and technology leaders and have a responsibility towards ourselves and society. We face our daily tasks and challenges with passion and commitment. In doing so, we seek solidarity with colleagues, customers and other companies in the industry and cultivate respectful interaction with one another - in keeping with our "family" spirit.

Excellence & Ambition

As a mechanical engineering company, we are passionate about technology and we set trends in products and solutions in our respective fields. As a technological pioneer, we create our own standards of excellence. Particularly when it comes to key topics such as digitalisation and the circular economy, we not only have ourselves in mind, but also our customers; because greater prosperity for our customers, our company and society lay the foundation for the continuity of our family-owned, independent company.

Individuality & Community

We are a group of strong companies with close and intelligent group cohesion. Our working environment is modern, with a high level of individual responsibility and transparency. This creates cooperative partnerships, highly motivated teams with a broad knowledge base and plenty of curiosity for new things.

Flexibility & Continuity

We act holistically and with foresight, focus on lean, effective structures and constantly sharpen our processes. A healthy balance between flexibility and continuity enables us to pursue our vision as a market and technology leader in future-oriented niches and at the same time react to new influences from outside.


A clear promise of integrity, honesty and business ethics

Compliance with applicable laws, responsible conduct and ethical behaviour towards each other and towards business partners are our top priorities. To this end, we have established a global compliance management system based on the following pillars:

  • Tone from the Top
  • Compliance Organisation
  • Code of Conduct
  • Guidelines
  • Classroom training
  • E-learning
  • Whistleblower system

Working conditions

Freedom creates space for new things

A common drive for success and progress is based on mutual trust and a sense of responsibility. Sticking together, working together and a tangible "family spirit" are important to us. This is how we create space to move new things.

Passion & Commitment

The "family spirit" is another word for our widely lived corporate culture. As a family-owned group of companies, the family aspect is lived and breathed, and so we pay attention to a transparent and fair management culture, among other things. Brückner is colourful and is characterised by diversity, inclusion and equality, because in the end a healthy mix of employees makes the difference.

Excellence & Aspiration

Our high quality standards are also reflected in our personnel development. Structured training, individual onboarding of new employees and group-wide development offers result in our real strength: our employees. Our measures are varied depending on the location:

  • Technical lectures in our Brückner Academy.
  • Various entry opportunities for young adults: apprenticeship, dual studies or trainee programme
  • Assignments abroad
  • Intercultural training
  • Global Connect for talent development in all locations worldwide
  • Management training

Individuality & Community

The Brückner Group also means community. Especially with regard to the health of our employees, we see a balanced social environment as an important component for long-term well-being. Thus, we initiate and promote health and sports offers - whether running groups, Pilates or back training - and additionally offer health days and discounts for wellness facilities or sports equipment at many locations. In addition to the company health offers, we also promote health individually in the form of company medical services, vaccinations or massages. And there are special assistance funds for colleagues in need.

Flexibility & Continuity

Fair and social working conditions create the conditions for individual performance. In order to enable our employees to use their full range of abilities, we work on the further development of our working environment on a daily basis. In many companies of the Brückner Group, for example, working hours can be flexibly arranged.

In order to guarantee a healthy balance between family and career, we rely on family-friendly offers such as the possibility to work in a home office or our company kindergarten at the Siegsdorf site. In addition, we offer a high-quality working environment, e.g. with generously designed company premises, canteen facilities and modern office equipment.

Good performance should also be rewarded. With regular salary benchmarks, a share in the company's success and individual performance bonuses, we want to stick to our fair working conditions.

Training and further education

Standstill and boredom are foreign to us

Our training and further education opportunities are as versatile as our machines. Whether in Siegsdorf, Freilassing, Rüti in Switzerland or our foreign subsidiaries: Each company has its very own attractive offer, because no matter which location you are interested in, our claim is always the same: the knowledge and motivation of our employees are our most valuable assets.

Our cross-location learning offer provides many opportunities for further training. The programmes range from communication and intercultural training to leadership development. For example, the "Global Connect" series of courses creates a change of perspective from a successful employee to a good leader, provides all participants with a relevant management toolbox and appropriate skills for leading the future team.

Apprenticeships at Brückner-Group


Brückner Maschinenbau (Siegsdorf)

As the world market leader in film stretching equipment, we have a lot to do and a lot to learn. We develop, design and build innovative high-tech lines for customers all over the world. And you can lend a hand. Because we want you to become so good that we are happy to keep you with us at the end of your training!

The closing date for applications is 30 September for the start of training in the following year.

Brückner Servtec (Siegsdorf)

An apprenticeship at Brückner Servtec can open up many paths for you. As a service partner for film stretching systems, there is a lot to do and a lot to learn. We upgrade, maintain and repair versatile high-tech systems for customers all over the world. And you can lend a hand. Because we want you to become so good that we are happy to keep you with us at the end of your training!

The closing date for applications is 30 September for the start of training in the following year.

Kiefel (Freilassing)

With us, you will not only learn your desired profession, you can also apply your knowledge in different areas. In general, we attach great importance to you being able to put what you have learned into practice. This means that you will help out, take responsibility for your tasks and be able to contribute your ideas. Because we want you to be one of the best in your profession at the end of your training!

The selection process for the start of the apprenticeship in September begins in spring of the previous year for the Freilassing site and in autumn of the previous year for the Micheldorf site.

PackSys Global (Schwitzerland)

With an apprenticeship at PackSys Global, you open up many possibilities. Whether in the technical, mechanical or commercial area - you will receive a sound training with many exciting tasks and challenges. A strong team will support you in word and deed. Because we want you to be so good at the end of your apprenticeship that we keep you with us right away!

The evaluation of new apprentices ends approximately one year before the start of the apprenticeship (August). The training location is our branch in Rüti and for EFZ design engineers also our location in Burgdorf.


Brückner company kindergarten

Reconciling work and family life at the Siegsdorf site

There is a kindergarten directly on the premises, which is run by the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) in Traunreut. The kindergarten accepts children from the age of three until they start school. In addition, there are crèche and after-school care places.

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