Our holding company: Brückner Group GmbH

Group control by strategic management holding company

More than 2,600 employees at 23 locations in 13 countries – this is the Brückner Group. It is controlled by Brückner Group GmbH, the strategic management holding and parent company of the individual group companies.

Always to the fore in all decisions: the welfare of our employees and the individual group companies as well as the satisfaction of our customers. 

Roles and responsibilities

The holding company – the “conductor” of the corporate group

Brückner Group GmbH is the management holding company and, as such, defines the group’s strategic orientation. It is also responsible for the group-wide merger and acquisition activities. Further responsibilities include management of the group companies by specifying targets and defining common strategies. As a parent company, the holding company defines standards and guidelines for ensuring transparency, corporate control and adherence to legal regulations. 

Thanks to the pooling of specialist expertise and central functions in the holding company, Brückner Group GmbH is always a versatile contact point for the widest variety of group company issues. Supporting the companies with group-wide services is also the holding company’s responsibility. 


Many divisions – one common goal: customer satisfaction

In order to manage, control and support Brückner Group activities optimally worldwide, our management holding company covers nine different divisions. On the one side, these include strategic corporate development, human resources, corporate branding and public relations. Their responsibilities include developing corporate development strategies as well as reinforcing the individual brands and communicating them outwardly under a common “Brückner roof”. A strong human resources community also provides for productive employees, thereby guaranteeing corporate success. The aim here is to have the “right” employee in the “right” place. 

On the commercial side, the controlling/accounting, audit, financing and tax divisions are represented in the holding company, as well as the IT and legal department. Success based on certainty of action, optimisation of corporate taxes and assurance of tax compliance take centre stage here. The financing department acts as a central contact point for all group companies in treasury and project financing matters. Our customers receive support here in finding the right financing solution for their project. The controlling and accounting department also establishes commercial principles for forward-looking management decisions. 

Acquisition strategy

A corporate group that just keeps growing

The Brückner Group has been growing continuously since 2007. In this period, the number of group member companies has doubled from 17 to 34. The number of employees has increased almost fivefold: In 2007 they numbered only 530, while now around 2,600 employees work at the Brückner Group companies. 

In principle, internal growth takes priority over external acquisition. Nevertheless, major growth is only achievable with a targeted growth strategy. This envisages, on the one hand, the development of new business areas through targeted acquisition, whereby the Brückner Group will focus on companies with outstanding technical competence in attractive niche markets. On the other hand, technological and market leadership will be extended in the traditional niche markets and the potential offered in existing fields of business will be exploited and strengthened. 

These firm foundations will form the basis for further strategic acquisitions. The focus here will be on medium-sized machine engineering companies, whose technological orientation fits well with the Brückner philosophy and who share the same values as the Brückner Group as a family business: These include long-term thinking, a clear customer focus and a strong employee orientation.