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We are a medium-sized, family-run corporate group that develops, builds and attends to machines and systems above all for the plastics processing industry. Over 2400 employees worldwide work zealously every day to ensure that our machines and systems meet the latest technological standards and that we maintain our position as the global market leader. That’s why we really appreciate our employees, their passion, their expertise, their team spirit and their personalities.

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We make decisions – and shoulder responsibility.

The management holding company of the Brückner Group bears overall responsibility.

We are digitalisation experts – and visionaries.

Brückner Maschinenbau is the global market leader for film-stretching lines.

We offer space for innovative thinking – and value experience.

Kiefel is one of the world's leading machine builders for processing plastics for the packaging, automotive and medical technology sectors.

We combine different perspectives – for creative solutions.

PackSys Global is a global leader in the technology for manufacturing tubes, spray cans, plastic and metal closures, hot embossing machines and packaging solutions.

Our employees are very versatile

Exciting hobbies, extraordinary dedication and undreamed-of talents.
Members of Brückner Group

What we offer

  • We are a group consisting of five strong individual companies.
  • We work at locations and for customers worldwide.
  • We work with the latest technologies and rise to every technical challenge.
  • We think and act for the long term and foresightedly – and in the interests of our employees.
  • We offer our employees freedom and flexibility in their everyday work – so that they too can always think one step ahead.
  • We provide security and never forsake our employees.
  • Our employees appreciate the multiplicity and love the challenge.
  • We are down to earth – but never shy away from reaching new heights.


The incorrect handling of plastics and packaging is a problem. We are a technological and market leader in the widest variety of sectors of the plastics and packaging industry, and we, the Brückner Group, acknowledge our responsibility:

With the YES, WE CARE initiative, we use our visions of the future and our engineering skill to achieve greater sustainability. Because we all bear a responsibility for our environment!