Smooth upgradings also in times of Corona

04 Aug 2020

Chinese Zhejiang Heshun New Material Co., Ltd. is happy with his new „Integrated Process Control System”

To produce high quality plastics films and successfully market them is a tough business – even in “normal times”. If exceptional circumstances are added, the value of reliable partners becomes apparent. Chinese film manufacturer Zhejiang Heshun New Material has moved an existing film-production plant to a new location. What is in itself a great challenge has been turned into a huge success story in close cooperation with Brückner specialists in China. Beside the constant support during the relocation, Zhejiang Heshun New Material wanted to optimize his production by upgrading the process control software of his Brückner film stretching line and had also some more wishes regarding heating system and other line modifications. But then, Covid-19 endangered the plans.

This was the time für Brückner Servtec to demonstrate flexibility, commitment and unbureaucratic approaches to ensure a smooth and fast startup at the new location. The specialist team from Bruckner Group China performed excellent work on site, remotely supported by the Servtec staff in Germany. This collaboration worked out smoothly and finally fulfilled Zhejiang Heshun New Material wishes:

  • Increased line reliability and availability 
  • Reduced waste and maintenance
  • Latest and intuitive operation of the line

Zhejiang Heshun New Material management thanked the participating teams for their effort and commitment and explicitly appreciated the new system’s virtualization technology, the state-of-the-art user-interface and Brückner’s extensive knowledge of the film stretching process.

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