Boost your line’s sustainability and profitability with inline film haze measurement

30 Jul 2021

Upgrade your line and be ready for the circular economy – without any compromise on quality

In biaxial film production haze has always been an important optical film property. Depending on the application, film products require either high or very low haze. The material properties of the polymers used for the film production define the achievable range of optical characteristics while processing conditions have a major impact on the level and uniformity of the film’s haze. 

Common practice today is a manual laboratory measurement of the haze value – offline. Brückner Servtec’s recommendation is a continuous contactless haze measurement – inline. This joint development by Brückner and NDC for the first time makes the haze visible in real time during the process. Plus, it detects the haze profile across the total working width. Another advantage: It’s completely integrated in the existing Brückner TCE system

Film producers with older lines can now also benefit in many other ways from the unique Brückner Servtec retrofit kit, simply by mounting the haze sensor on an existing NDC thickness gauge:

  • Reduced reaction time on film property changes
  • Reduced product change over time
  • Proof of the guaranteed specification on every roll without time-consuming offline measurements (= reduced laboratory time)
  • Optimised quality control
  • Optimised recipe development


Finally, the advantages that Servtec’s solution brings with regard to environmental protection and circular economy are also unbeatable:

  • Optimised material consumption, less waste
  • Increased recycling rate
  • Increased use of regranulated and recycled material without any compromise on the films’ quality

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