Against all odds

14 Dec 2021

Zhejiang Kinlead and Brückner commission 10.4m BOPP line smoothly

The plans for the expansion of their industrial park were clear: the two new BOPP film stretching lines have to combine latest technology, highest productivity and utmost efficiency in terms of raw material and energy use. So Zhejaing Kinlead and Brückner Maschinenbau consequently agreed on a further collaboration with two 10.4m wide high-speed BOPP lines.

At the time the contracts were concluded, dimensions and duration of the Corona pandemic were not to be foreseen by anyone. But both teams were fiercely determined to fight against all odds. So, this time the cooperation was particularly close, especially with the owner brother and sister, Kevin and Kelly Chen.

Josef Haslinger, Head of Sales China at Brückner Maschinenbau says: “Our teams from Germany and Zhejaing Kinlead’s technical staff harmonized perfectly. Additionally, Zhejaing Kinlead’s management with Kevin and Kelly at the forefront did everything in their power to facilitate the circumstances as much as possible. We are very grateful for this and at the same time very proud that this challenging project could be completed so smoothly and successfully.”




扩大其工业园区的计划很明确: 两条新投资的BOPP薄膜拉伸生产线必须结合最新的技术、最高的生产力以及原材料和能源使用方面的最高效率。因此,浙江凯诚和布鲁克纳机械最终达成就两条10.4米宽的BOPP高速生产线的进一步合作。



Happy in the middle of their team: the owner brother and sister, Kevin and Kelly Chen

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