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It takes a process audit only to save your day

03 Sep 2021

Audit findings lead to successful modifications and a true audit value

Optimized production settings depend on various parameters within the whole film stretching process. But film producers usually need to focus more on their demanding day-to-day business – and this is where Brückner Servtec’s senior process experts come in. Thanks to their wide experience, they are able to find potentials for improvements. And subsequently, to do the fine tuning of the production settings together with the customer’s teams. On top, the inspection is carried out during operation.

Overall, customers benefit from:

  • Review of the line’s status quo
  • Solid recommendations for action at all levels: from the operator to the maintenance and production manager to the plant manager
  • Improved film quality
  • Higher uptime
  • Training of operators, R&D and process engineers
  • Support for the development of new film types
  • Hence, increased competitiveness

Luiz Claudio Raimundo, Director Industrial & Supply Chain, Vitopel do Brasil, sums up his experiences with a Brückner Servtec process audit: “With the help of Brückner’s engineers we could identify several opportunities of improvement, for example regarding overall line efficiency or line output. The Brückner Servtec team is truly professional and has fully internalized our needs. It was an investment with a real good payback.”

Besides the process audit, Brückner Servtec also offers energy audits as an important part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly film production as well as line and spare parts audits for a maximum asset availability.

Last and brand-new achievements are remote audits and live tutorials: virtual consulting’s from Servtec specialists, highly focused on an important topic and extremely efficient. A long-standing US customer says: “Overall we are very satisfied with the working relation created along with e-service and remote access to address any issues with the system in a timely manner, 24 hours a day.”


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