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Brückner Group’s joint booth very well attended at any time

23 Nov 2018

31th International Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

This year’s most important event for the plastics industry in Indonesia and South East Asia, the 31th International Plastics & Rubber, attracted numerous visitors to the exhibition and to the joint Brückner Group booth with Brückner Maschinenbau, Brückner Servtec and Kiefel Packaging Division.

“The mix of visitors was noticeable once again: From newcomers who see a great potential in Indonesia for the future, to longtime Brückner and Kiefel customers who have been using our machines for several decades”, says Xaver Sedlmeier, Chief Representative at Brückner Far East Ltd. in Jakarta.

Regarding the film stretching business the focus was on the production of commodity film high output lines, e.g. 10.4m BOPP and BOPET, offering the lowest specific energy consumption in kWh/kg. Also lively discussed with Brückner experts: The specialty film business, such as BOPA simultaneous or BOPP ultra-high barrier film for high-end applications, which are growing in Indonesia as well in whole South East Asia.

Kiefel's Indonesian customers have shown a particular interest in alternative materials and new packaging solutions as well as in energy saving features. The Kiefel Packaging Team once more found a great opportunity to learn more about customers challenges and is happy to have connected with numerous potential partners.

A heartful thanks to all visitors for the interesting discussions!




Brückner Group booth staff says thanks to all visitors
Brückner Group booth staff says thanks to all visitors
Interesting discussions on the well-attended booth
Interesting discussions on the well-attended booth
Packaging was the main topic - and the Brückner Group has the solutions
Packaging was the main topic - and the Brückner Group has the solutions

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