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Advanced solutions for a circular economy and the digital age

03 Feb 2020

Visitors at Brückner Group’s Interplastica booth took a look into the future

Interplastica 2020 in Moscow enhanced its international reputation as the place to be for the Russian, CIS and Eastern Europe’s plastics industry. And so did the joint Brückner Group booth as meeting point for plastics processors and film producers. At the almost continuously crowded stand discussions focused on how circular economy and digitalization will determine the film and packaging markets.

In this context, Brückner Maschinenbau perfectly met the vistors’ expectations with their latest solutions regarding plastics and environment, recycling and circularity. At the center of the attention: mono-material polyolefin film structures made of BOPP or BOPE with superior mechanical, optical and barrier properties and the brand-new hybrid line concepts for a combined BOPE and BOPP production. Also in line with this: Solutions for the manufacture of stone paper – with good printability and waterproof as well as environmentally friendly in production.

Talks to film producers made also clear that a varied and flexible range of stretching line concepts is highly appreciated. Brückner’s newest solutions for various materials, working widths and outputs furthermore convinced with significant efficiency increases. Last but not least, Brückner’s R&D Center as a development hub to test Russian resins and develop new film types provided plenty of issues for discussion.

Brückner Servtec’s specialists and their visitors were concentrating on the following main points:
• New upgrade packages for existing BOPP stretching lines, making them able to produce also BOPE film
• Line audits and clip and chain refurbishment service
• Upgrades for the production of added-value 5-layer specialty films

Another hot topic was the digitalisation in film production. The brand new Brückner ONE digital service platform answered film producers’ questions concerning the maximised availability of film stretching lines, minimised maintenance and downtime costs and a variety of service products on a new, digital level.

At the joint booth, visitors also met Kiefel and PackSys Global with their brand-new developments for the packaging, medical & appliance industry.

The staffs of all Brückner Group companies sincerely thank friends and partners for the exciting days at Interplastica. The numerous valuable suggestions out of the discussions will give us room for creating further ideas.

Brückner, Kiefel and PackSys Global booth staff say: Thank you! Spassiba!
Brückner, Kiefel and PackSys Global booth staff say: Thank you! Spassiba!
Great interest for the presented solutions
Great interest for the presented solutions
Lively discussed: The future pf plastics packaging
Lively discussed: The future pf plastics packaging

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