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from KIEFEL Packaging GmbH
27 Jun 2016

Kiefel to acquire Mould & Matic Solutions

Kiefel GmbH of Freilassing, Germany – part of the Brückner Group based in Siegsdorf, Germany – intends to acquire a 100% share in Mould & Matic Solutions GmbH, which currently belongs to the Austrian Haidlmair Group. Both parties signed a purchase agreement this week, which is still subject to the approval of the cartel authorities.


"Years of experience as a supplier of systems relating to the thermoforming and injection moulding technology, along with injection stretch blowing, is what has made the company so successful", says Heinz Klausriegler, the CEO of Mould & Matic Solutions. "The professional and dedicated specialists on our staff offer each customer world-class solutions for the entire production process."


"The expertise and technological solutions supplied by Mould & Matic are an ideal complement to our existing range of products for the packaging industry", says Kiefel CEO Thomas J. Halletz. "This constitutes, together with the recent acquisition of Bosch Sprang, an important milestone in our efforts to offer customers the complete range of systems and services from a single source – from product development right up to downstream equipment."


This acquisition marks a further step in the growth strategy of the Brückner Group, which is designed to strengthen the position of existing member-companies by extending the range of products and services available. The Haidlmair Group will take advantage of this transaction to focus more on its successful core business. "We have decided to sell because we are convinced that Mould & Matic will be perfectly at home with its new owner – a family business just like our own – where it can continue to develop efficiently as a useful addition to the existing product portfolio", asserts Mario Haidlmair on behalf of the sellers.


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