Energy consumption

Energy consumption

Go green with Brückner – Save energy and money

Energy-optimized film production processes

Efficient energy use in film production is more important than ever since it is an energy intensive manufacturing method. Therefore, energy saving concepts are of particular value to Brückner for a long time.


Today’s technologies offer a by far better energy balance compared to older equipment, which has been installed when energy was cheap and apparently unlimited. Hence, especially older lines have a lot potential for saving energy and, as positive side effect, saving money!

Brückner has a comprehensive package of ground-breaking energy saving concepts. These green technologies have extremely short payback periods (sometimes less than a year), and on top of that, protect the environment.


Some examples are described below. Besides the upgrade solutions, Brückner offers an Energy Audit which discloses energy saving potentials at the line.

TDO Heat Recovery System

One of the most efficient ways of saving energy and money in the film stretching process is to focus on the biggest energy consumer within the system: the transverse direction orientation (TDO) unit. Heat recovery on the TDO unit leads to tremendous energy savings by recycling the heat of the exhaust air through a heat exchanger and preheating the fresh air required.

Not only does this efficient way of using rejected heat save energy; due to the preheated fresh air less condensate is accumulated in the TDO unit, which leads to a higher film quality and to less maintenance.

Combined TDO Oil / Electric Heater Unit

Replacing all electric heating systems of the TDO unit on older lines with a combined oil/electric heater unit reduces operating costs dramatically. Electrical heating is used during TDO start-up to shorten heat-up time; afterwards, during production, the less expensive oil heating starts.


This technology enables a saving of about 60% in heating energy costs.



Energy Audit

The first footstep on the road to reduced energy consumption and a more environmentally friendly production is the Brückner “Energy Audit”.


Your benefits

  • Individual assessment
  • Experienced auditors
  • State-of-the-art measuring equipment
  • Comprehensive report

Professional auditors analyse and evaluate the film production line intensively for a more efficient use of oil, gas, electricity, etc.



  • Customized recommendations
  • More environmentally friendly production
  • Reduced operating costs