Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

The condition-based way is the state-of-the-art of maintenance

Reliability up – costs down!

Today’s modern production plants are no longer maintained according to a damage-based or time-based maintenance policy. The actual policy is based on knowledge of condition, which delivers a number of advantages. Condition monitoring can be described as all activities that lead to real-time or quasi-continuous knowledge of a plant machinery’s condition.


The condition based maintenance (CBM) system – hardware and software – provides an overview of every monitored item of your plant and machinery. It is also usable on other devices (e.g. slitter, coater).

Your benefits

  • Prevent unscheduled line stops
  • Reduce machine down time
  • Avoid and limit machine damage
  • Extend machine life time
  • Replace or repair parts and lubricants
    which are damaged or used up

Brückner Servtec will support and accompany you in the best possible way for line optimization as well as in maintenance questions. Your line stays in operation as long as reasonable.