Thickness Gauging & Control

Thickness Gauging & Control

It’s the little things that cause big problems

Latest technologies for highest film quality

The demands on the quality of film thickness and roll profiles by converting lines (printing, coating, metallizing) are increasing. Therefore, film manufacturers are forced by permanently growing requirements of the market to enhance their efficiency and product quality. A sophisticated thickness gauge and control system is vital to achieve these goals.


Brückner is working together with all leading suppliers on the gauging market. We integrate their up-to-date technology of thickness measurement into our own process control system.  In this way, we can offer you the best technical measurement solution, tailored to the specific needs of your applications.

Adding the mere thickness measurement to an existing Brückner process control system is usually less expensive than any available stand-alone system. We are offering integrated thickness measurement and control, as well as process control and visualization out of one hand.


Our customers benefit from our approach of combining and storing thickness data as well as all other production- and laboratory data in one common database. This enables them to generate sophisticated reports and to trace back the finished products in their production history.