Technical Service Station (TSS): Fast and convenient spare parts supply in China

Brückner Servtec offers a Technical Service Station (TSS) which provides fast and convenient spare parts supply in China. The TSS is a type of a bonded warehouse and is located in the Shanghai area. The concept is: First ship to customer - Later delcare at customs, i.e. spare parts, which are on stock in the TSS storage depot are available within 36 hours.


The TSS is operated by CIES (China International Electronics Service Co. Ltd.) which is a professional partner of numerous recognized international companies. CIES is specialized on logistic services to serve the final customers of oversea companies in various industries. It offers best links to customs services and authorities.



Benefits of TSS

  • Spare parts on stock are available within 36 hours*
    (quick response time and fast delivery possible)
  • First: Ship to customer - Later: Declare at customs
  • Customer authorizes CIES for declarations / authorities
  • Highest convenience for customer
  • CCC exemption for damaged parts available
  • Customs registration service made prior shipment
  • Communication in local language and same time zone
  • Quality products, technically proved by Brückner

Spare parts within TSS in China

  • Parts are technically proved by Brückner
  • Brückner OEM quality products
  • Quick availability




For more information, please contact your Customer Relationship Manager in China. You can also call +86 512 62555323 or send an email to .






Spare parts within TSS in China

*on regular working days