Line Conversion

Line Conversion

Turn your old line from a break-even scratcher into a profit maker

Make your line fit for new applications

In today’s competitive market situation, companies are in a constant search to increase their profitability. Especially companies, which are operating older or slower lines with a small working width and low output, are coming under pressure more and more in this competition. A proven way to achieve this target is the production of higher margin films.


Generally one can say that you could convert your old film stretching line, e.g. a BOPP line, to process each other raw material. However, not every conversion makes sense. In many cases, the technical demand and the investment are too high.

Therefore, we help you to find the right solution for your film stretching line. Our specialists are very familiar with both, the film market and the machine technology, and know which conversions are feasible for your individual line.


Numerous successful line conversion projects in the past years proved that it is never too late. Just contact us to find a “new life” for your old line and come back to competiveness!



Upgrade for existing 3-layer BOPP lines to 5-/7-layer film - Your benefits

  • Enter high-margin markets for specialty film with a reasonably modest investment
  • Fast amortization due to increased margin quality and higher line output
  • Highest flexibility: produce 3- and 5-/ 7-layer film alternately with the modified equipment
  • Cost advantages: expensive additives are mainly applied in the thinner intermediate layers and in smaller quantities
  • Less maintenance in TDO: reduction of condensate production