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5-layer and twin screw extrusion upgrade in Hungary

In our last newsletter we presented line modifications from 3-layer to 5- and 7-layer film in general. This time, we report on a new 5-layer upgrade project at Taghleef Industries (Ti), a leading Bi-oriented Polypropylene film producer, based in Dubai.


Brückner Servtec has successfully completed the upgrade of a BOPP line to 5-layers with twin screw extrusion at Taghleef Industries Kft in Hungary. The installation took place in May and the smooth start-up was three days ahead of schedule.

The 8.2 m line was installed in 2002 and designed for four layers with one cascade and three co-extruders. Brückner Servtec has now replaced the cascade with a twin screw extruder including the complete dosing and feeding system. It was a benefit for Ti that the latest software functionalities for twin screw extrusion have been adapted to the existing IPC system. Thus, the start-up time of the extrusion is reduced considerably. Furthermore, a co-extruder including resin feeding was added to the line. Finally, a new 5-layer die from Brückner completes the modernization.


The project had a tight time schedule which forced the mechanical, electrical and commissioning teams to work together closely, in order not to hinder each other. This was achieved with a very careful coordination and the excellent support of the Ti team.

Benefits of 5-layer and twin screw extrusion

As a result of the upgrade, Ti can expand its product portfolio and improve performance by 8-10% (depending on the film type). Furthermore, the energy consumption in the extrusion section has been reduced by 25-30%.


In the recent past, Ti and Brückner Servtec have already upgraded several lines in Europe and Australia with advanced 5-layer and twin screw technology. This is an excellent way to enter new, high-margin markets with a reasonably low investment.

Taghleef Industries Kft’s management declared their satisfaction with the upgrade at Ti's Customer Meeting in Hungary on September 11. During the event, to which Brückner Servtec was also invited, Ti presented the new technologies of the line to their customers. Both companies are looking forward to future joint projects.

Happy participants at Ti's Customer Meeting

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