Preventive Maintenance

Keep your line availability at maximum

Water treatment

Water is an important requirement for film production. Cooling water systems are in use throughout the line, e.g. in the casting unit, MDO, drives, etc. They are crucial points for maintenance processes. However, the condition of the water in the pipes, rollers or tanks is not easy to verify within the extensive cooling system of the production facility as a whole.

Why is water treatment essential?

  • To obtain an optimal heat transfer on roll surfaces
  • To prevent the blocking of pipes
  • To avoid the malfunctioning of the equipment
  • To prevent line shut-downs
  • To decrease the frequency of operational maintenance
  • To reduce energy costs

Approach for chill roll: reconstitution of the original heat transmission

Professional water treatment ensures the optimal operation of cooling rollers, drives and electronic equipment. For example, high water conduction is a sign of progressing corrosion which leads to disturbances in the heat transmission within the chill roll.


As a result, tracks of water ducts become visible on the film. Since heat transmission is so important for the film quality, this situation must be avoided.

  • Water analysis enables you to verify whether the water condition could be the cause for the blocking of the pipes
  • Professional chill roll cleaning without stopping the film production
  • Recommendations for water treatment to keep the original heat transmission

Water analysis free of charge

Brückner Servtec offers a professional water analysis at our headquarters in Germany free of charge for customers until the end of October 2014. Should the analysis result in any peculiarity we will give you appropriate recommendations for improvement.

The water treatment measures can be carried out by yourself or by our specialists. For more information about the water analysis please contact .