Preventive Maintenance

Keep your line availability at maximum

Film thickness gauge

The thickness gauge system can only operate at peak performance if the system, scanner and sensor are regularly maintained. Regular replacements of consumable parts combined with regular checks and well-maintained equipment can dramatically reduce the probability of any sort of failure in the equipment. This leads to increased line uptime. Reduced downtime means lower costs incurred by the film manufacturer.

Our approach (services): Annual service checks

  • Scanner checks and maintenance annually
  • Scanner lubrication, checks of alignment, roller, belt and cable
  • Sensor checks and verification annually
  • Motor and lamp check, software checks, backups and gauge history checks, gasket change
  • System check
  • Software updates, full back-up, diagnostic history checks


System alignment

One important but hidden issue for film thickness gauge performance is the alignment of the system. Over time mechanical movement, jigging and bending change the original alignment set-up. This applies to all thickness gauge systems moving across the film width.

As an example for the impact of misalignment on the reading result, we would like to share the following expertise, in this case from an infrared film thickness gauge:

  • During a service the scanner was checked to verify alignment across all three axes (X-, Y-, Z-axis).
  • The results with a combined misalignment of 2 mm on the X and Y axis together can have an impact of up to 0.35 microns error in the measurement.
  • The result of a poorly aligned scanner can be shown graphically: a perfectly flat film (left) showing variation due to misalignment (right).


It is obvious that scanners that are not regularly maintained cannot achieve peak performance.

It is obvious that scanners that are not regularly maintained cannot achieve peak performance.


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