Preventive Maintenance

Keep your line availability at maximum

Power supply

An unplanned production interruption can have various causes. The plant power supply could be one of the possible reasons. It can be affected by temporary power interruptions, power outage or long/short duration voltage disturbances (drops, spikes or noise). Sometimes the power disturbance even interferes for only a very short moment with the highly sensitive equipment. In that case, the drive system or electronic equipment interrupts the production but the equipment concerned shows no fault after reset.

Detailed analysis

The chart below is a record of a power supply analyser and shows a voltage sage. The three rows in the chart are the records of:

  • Voltage between the three phases (L-L Voltage)
  • Voltage between each phase against neutral (L-N Voltage)
  • Current of the three phases (Current)

The voltage sage occurred during the time marked with the yellow and blue vertical line. In this case the voltage dropped down to 82.2% for a time period of 0.08 seconds.

Even if the voltage drop does not look spectacular, it caused a dramatic reaction to the current and in consequence to the production stability.

Approach for unstable power supply

Due to the wide variety of types of disturbances the power supply analysis is crucial. A proper solution depends on the kind of disturbance.

In order to achieve a more stable production, we recommend using a power analyser (buying or alternatively renting for up to 4 months from Brückner Servtec).

Additionally, we offer 

  • General engineering and technical assistance
  • Detailed record assessment
  • Proposals for improvements


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