Service Bulletin No. 8

Dear Customers and Friends,


We are pleased to announce that after a break our Service Bulletin is back again! We have used the break to introduce a fresh, new design which is more attractive to read and have collected at the same time a number of useful service solutions. As in the past, we will inform you about important and interesting topics which will show how you can improve the performance of your film stretching line.


This time we will show you how to enter new markets with a modification to 5- and 7-layer film for existing BOPP lines. Additionally, we focus on preventive maintenance and point out several issues which are vital for a reliable operation of the stretching line in the long term. Finally, you will receive the latest details about the Brückner Academy 2014.


Enjoy reading!

Yours sincerely,

Uwe Thönniss and Werner Bamberger
Managing Directors of Brückner Servtec

Multi-layer: Fitness program for new markets

How can you produce new products and enter new high-margin markets with a fairly modest investment? You will find the answer in the download below.


Influence of water on the production process

Preventive maintenance

Water is used for cooling processes throughout the film production line. Its condition has a direct impact on the film quality, maintenance works and energy costs.


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Unstable power supply?

Preventive maintenance

A power analyser can help in the case of unexpected line shut-downs due to power interruptions. It is the first step towards preserving the lifetime of electronics.


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Thickness gauge alignment

Preventive maintenance

The smallest movement of the thickness gauge system can cause wrong variations due to misalignment.


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Brückner Academy 2014

The Brückner Academy increases your human capital by providing a broad variety of basic and advanced training courses. Practical examples show your employees new ways to solve problems, increase plant efficiency and get a better machine understanding.