Service Bulletin No. 5

Dear Customers and Friends,


Competition is getting tougher all the time. The Olympic Games in Beijing showed yet again how hard athletes have to train to be among the best. It is not enough to be above average - athletes must achieve an exceptional performance in order to win the competition. However, there are a lot of variables which influence the outcome of the contest: athletes' physical and psychological condition, opponents, equipment, spectators, weather etc. Everything has to be perfect to make the dream of gold come true.


Film manufacturing companies are fighting as well - not for medals but rather for orders, profits and market shares. Compared to the tournaments of the Olympic Games, there are many more aspects which affect (plant) performance. Brückner Servtec's new "Plant Audit" he lps film manufacturers to analyse and optimize these parameters and consequently withstand the competition in the film industry. The audit covers the entire organisation and plant and is carried out by experts with many years of experience in the film industry.


Besides the "Plant Audit" we have collected a number of other interesting topics for you in this Service Bulletin. So do not waste any time - start and enjoy reading and "go for gold"!

Enjoy reading!

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Uwe Thönniss and Werner Bamberger
Managing Directors of Brückner Servtec

New service: Plant Audit

Film manufacturing is a complex process and depends on a variety of factors. It is a challenging task for managers to maintain and keep them at an optimal level. Brückner offers a helpful tool: the Plant Audit, which discloses weak points within the organisation and the plant as a whole. The following recommendations help managers to get the best result out of their companies.


New service: Professional cleaning for chill roll cooling system

There are two aspects to almost every question. Water, for example, is necessary on the one hand for cooling down film on the chill roll. However, hard or contaminated water inside the chill roll can have a negative impact on the equipment's service life and on the film quality. Read in the article how to prevent this situation.

Oscillation - A proven and tested system for film winding

Brückner has long realized the advantages of this technology for film winding at new lines. Upgrading older or non-Brückner lines with Oscillating Edge Trim and/or Winder Oscillation is a good way of improving winding results for PP and PA films.

Brueckner Machinery and Service India Pvt. Ltd.

We are where you are

More than eighteen months after the incorporation of a Brückner subsidiary in India, one can say that it is a huge enrichment for BO film producers in India and neighbouring countries.

Servtec Inside: Richard Höpfler - A different view of Brazil

An assignment at a film production line in Brazil six years ago had far-reaching consequences for Richard Höpfler. He realized that preventive measures are not just an issue in service for biaxial lines but also for people in need.