Service Bulletin No. 3

Dear Customers and Friends,


Since our last edition of the Brückner Servtec "Service Bulletin", we have established several new ideas and concepts to facilitate your life as operator of film stretching lines. Therefore we would like to introduce you to our latest developments in this business field.


In addition, we think that this is also a good opportunity to show you an example of what we mean by perfect service, i.e. service without compromises whenever you need it!


We hope you find a lot of useful information and inspirations for your business.


Enjoy reading!

Yours sincerely,

Uwe Thönniss and Werner Bamberger
Managing Directors of Brückner Servtec

Save energy costs with the revolutionary TDO Heat Recovery System

Rising energy prices? No need to worry about this news anymore in the future. Brückner has developed an energy-saving system which reduces your energy costs dramatically and in addition, improves your line's film quality.


New service: CLIPFIT

Being in operation several thousand hours a year leaves its marks on clips and chains. Consequently, your film quality is at risk. The new Brückner competence center overhauls your clips and chains at a reasonable cost and makes them almost like new. See the difference for yourself!

Magnetic clip closer and opener for FOK 4.8

Brückner's further development of the magnetic closing and opening technology for FOK 4.8 treats your clips as if they were raw eggs! Let them feel the smooth and contact-free closing and opening during operation.

Return to competitiveness with multilayer extrusion

Does this picture seem familiar to you? An outdated, non-competitive BOPP line is running somewhere in the corner of a production hall. It seems that its fate is sealed. However, Brückner Servtec modifies your old line to a state-of-the-art 7-layer line which offers the possibility to produce a wide range of special products. Do not leave your old line to its bitter fate!

Busy weekend in Mexico and Germany because of a "beer can"

Beer cans usually come into play when drinking beer with friends. However, sometimes they can also negatively influence the output of a film stretching line. Read our real-life example of Brückner's exceptional service for its customers.

Servtec Inside: Winfried Renner

Servtec's knight in shining armour

Whether it is an emergency in the mountains near Brückner or with your line: Neither is a problem for Winfried Renner - our automation expert at Brückner Servtec and member of the Mountain Rescue Team.