Service Bulletin No. 2

Dear Customers and Friends,


After Brückner Servtec started their Newsletter Project, the "Service Bulletin", the feedback received from our customers and friends was indeed overwhelming - many thanks to everyone for all the encouraging and constructive e-mails!

We are continuing this concept with our second edition. Service Bulletin No. 2 contains interesting reports from recent upgrade projects, innovations within our service sector and useful hints.


Enjoy reading!

Yours sincerely,

Uwe Thönniss and Werner Bamberger
Managing Directors of Brückner Servtec

"Perfetto, funziona cento percento" - LIWIND

This is the key word to remember, when it comes to the most sophisticated equipment for winder contact roll positioning and dampening. The speed and accuracy of Brückner's linear motor technology guarantee the best winding results.

New service: "Expert on Demand"

Line-Stop? Call your "Expert on Demand", Brückner Servtec's remote trouble-shooting support for any urgent electrical and control problems.

Magnetic clip closer and opener

Clip closing and opening as if by magic! The magnetic closing and opening technology developed for high speed lines is now available for most existing lines!

Web Inspection System

Total quality control: The market is asking more and more for 100% optical web scanning and quality documentation. Brückner Servtec offers the latest web inspection technology, fully integrated and out of one hand!

Infrared heating systems

Infrared heaters are not suitable for installations inside the TDO - right or wrong? Wrong! Brückner Servtec has successfully installed the latest IR-technology into the TDO, fully controlled and highly effective!