Process Line Inspection Service

Optimized process settings

Brückner Servtec introduces its new line inspection service with its focus on process issues. The professional assessment lasts for three days and will be carried out by a Brückner senior process engineer.


The service consists of an extensive investigation of the film stretching processes to find potentials for improvement. In addition, our senior process engineer can support the customer in the production of new film types within the designed layout of the stretching line. 

Moreover, further modules are available within the process line inspection service. You will find more information below.


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The price of this service package will be offered on a non-profit base during 2015 and 2016!

Line inspection

The line inspection by a Brückner senior process engineer is carried out during operation and is the first step of the service. The intensive analysis identifies potentials for improvement along the entire film stretching line. If requested, also upstream and downstream line components, e.g. slitter, can be investigated.

Fine tuning

Optimized production settings depend on various parameters within the whole film manufacturing process. Thanks to the wide experience in film manufacturing, our process expert will carry out the fine tuning of the production settings to improve the line’s performance. This sustainable support for process improvement is of particular interest to newcomers to the film market who do not have extensive manufacturing experience yet.


The professional training of operators, engineers and R&D employees by a Brückner senior process specialist enables a discussion on a technical level between process experts. The training can be done on-the-job or in a classroom.

New film types

Should the customer wish to produce new products or film types, our expert will provide help and support for the conversion process in the fields of raw material, master batch, recipe and line settings. Of course, this service is only available, if the layout of the line is designed for the film type.

New technologies

For more than five decades, Brückner has been the benchmark in the biax industry by supplying the latest technology for film stretching lines. As part of the Process Line Inspection Service, our process expert introduces in detail the newly available technologies for film stretching lines.

Recommendations for upgrades

After an intensive investigation of the running film stretching line and the following analysis, recommendations for upgrades for the individual line based on the analysis will be provided.

Follow-up at Brückner laboratory

Following the inspection of the line, the service will also include a film sample analysis at Brückner’s own laboratory in Germany. The laboratory is fully equipped for all mechanical, optical and electrical tests as well as for chemical analysis.

Summary of results

The results of the inspection will be summarized in a customized report including detailed recommendations for improvement.

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