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28 Jan 2008

Upgrading for Nuroll: How to reduce the energy bill

Nuroll S.p.A., a company of world's largest PET producer for packaging, Gruppo M&G, and a leading European manufacturer of BOPET film in Caserta, Italy, successfully launched an upgrading of their “line 1” early this year.


Concerned about the rising prices for electricity in Italy, Antonio Tufano, the Site Manager of Nuroll, had decided to engage Brückner Servtec with the modification of the line's TDO from electrical to direct oil heating. The benefit of this modification is the much more efficient use of energy. Mr. Tufano: "This modification will strongly reduce the energy bill and the pay back time for this modification is extremely short."


Brückner Servtec was responsible for the complete engineering, the supply of heaters, valves and flexible pipes and for supervising the whole installation. Nuroll organized their experienced team of own technicians and those of local subcontractors to carry out the piping and cabeling work. Thanks to the perfect cooperation between the teams the scheduled shutdown time was precisely met and on January 3rd 2008, good film was on winder again.


"The accurate preparation and timing are key to success in such a modification, this is why we choose Brückner Servtec as our partner", so Mr. Tufano. "Four years ago we have already done a speed and output upgrade with Brückner Servtec. Upgradings like this make sure that we can increase our competitiveness in a market, which is getting tougher year by year."


Brückner says "congratulations" to the successful project!