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21 Jan 2009

Three upgrades at one blow: Excellent line uptime, highest film quality

Within only a few months, Shanghai Jinpu Plastic Material Co. Ltd. carried out once again an extensive upgrade project with Brückner Servtec.


The Chinese BOPP film producer was fully convinced by Servtec’s professional project processing and technology during the installation of the magnetic clip closing and opening system at one of their lines earlier this year, so they upgraded now the second line as well:


Latest upgrades at Shanghai Jinpu:


The raw material handling system has been upgraded with a state-of-the-art mixing hopper inclusive of metal separator and exhaust filter to provide highest resin purity for the extrusion process afterwards.

Additionally, Shanghai Jinpu installed the “bestseller” in clip handling from Brückner Servtec: the magnetic clip closing and opening system. Highly satisfied with the tremendous speed increase at the first line, the second line has been equipped with this technology, too. Servtec’s system allows a completely impact-free and wear-parts-free clip handling in the TDO.

New brakes in the pull roll unit drastically reduce the time to stop the unit, e.g. in case of a film break, and therefore provides a maximum of safety and protection of components.


Shanghai Jinpu’s strategy, to keep the lines in state-of-the-art technology, is the best base to provide first grade film. Brückner Servtec says once again “Thank you” for the excellent cooperation with Shanghai Jinpu’s experts in the course of this project. We are looking forward to further upgrades in the future.