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18 Aug 2008

TDO magnetic clip opener and closer for high-speed line

AET Films, one of the largest North American manufacturers of Oriented Polypropylene (OPP) films, changed to the magnetic clip opener and closer system for its 10m-BOPP line.


Magnetic clip openers and closers offer the best treatment for clips. Since the system works impact-free, there are no longer mechanical forces on the clips which leads to a soft and smooth operation. Wear parts like closer wheels and opener segments have been replaced with special magnets. That means there is no debris or contamination of film resulting from wear. Additionally, clip cleaning has been improved by using new blow-out nozzles.


The installation of the magnetic clip closer and opener units took less time than usual. Line start-up was successfully carried out after only two days. One reason for this achievement was the good co-operation between the AET and Brückner project teams.


The upgraded line is famous since it was the world’s first 10m-BOPP line, installed in 1995 - of course by Brückner. AET’s line is not only one of the largest, but also one of the fastest BOPP-lines in the world. This successful upgrade project shows that the magnetic clip opener and closer system can also be retrofitted on high speed lines.