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10 Mar 2015

Taghleef Industries successfully stretches the speed limit by more than 40%


Taghleef Industries (Ti), a leading Bi-oriented Polypropylene film producer, successfully increased the speed of its 8,2 m line by 40% with specific upgrades, modernizations and optimization.


The Brückner line was installed in 1995 with a production speed of 280 m/min per supply contract. Within the past years, Ti continuously improved the efficiency of the line by its sophisticated maintenance program and by upgrading the line to reach finally a production speed of up to 395 m/min with first grade thin film. The decisive speed increases were carried out in cooperation with Brückner Servtec.


Speed increasing strategy


The TDO of the BOPP line has been additionally equipped with a magnetic clip opener and closer. Therefore, the clip guidance during the opening and closing process at high speed becomes much better. This is one of the preconditions to speed up the line. Additionally, there is fewer wear of the components.


Secondly, the old main drive system of the TDO, consisting of DC motors, couplings and gearboxes, were replaced by direct motors which results in better performance at high speed. The new system provides a higher accuracy compared to the old one. Also the clips of the chain were replaced by a reinforced version being designed for higher speeds.


Brückner Servtec also upgraded the Integrated Process Control System (IPC) of the complete line from S5 to S7. The special operating modes of S7 are advantageous at higher speed, since the system is easier to handle for operators:


The handling of the line is divided in 8 threading modes in the operating panel. In each individual mode, the extruder output is optimized to reduce raw material waste and also to make the handling of the film easier for the operator, e.g. sticky co-extruder material is limited in quantity during pull roll threading and the output of the extruder is reduced automatically in case of film break.


Additionally, thread up actions are also included in the threading modes. By selecting a new thread mode the machine components change automatically to the pre-adjusted output and speed levels. The conditions for the next thread mode are being prepared. All settings are done automatically. The time range of execution is adjustable when selecting a new target.


Due to the new optimized ramping functions the time for product changes shortens. The operators can concentrate on the film handling and are guided by the threading mode sequences.


Finally, the Linear Motor Winding System LIWIND® with a new contact roll at the winder enable more stable winding quality and better performance at high speed. New drives for the winder motors and the contact roll ensure better control and stability.


Almost 20 years after its installation, the line still produces film at the high quality level, which TI stands for and which is equivalent to Brückner lines being 20 years younger!


This is the result of the proven Brückner technology and tailor-made upgrades, together with the experience of Ti, knowing their machine best, and particularly due to the excellent maintenance job of the Ti team.