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14 Sep 2009

Taghleef Industries: Highly satisfied with fast, reliable and smooth service

Taghleef Industries (Ti), one of the largest manufacturers of BOPP and CPP films in the world, had a fire damage in its Italian plant earlier this year. The electrical rooms of two lines and parts of both TDOs were affected and destroyed.


The very next day Brückner Servtec had been on-site in Italy to record the damages and start already with first reconstructions. The main goal was to minimize the standstill period of the lines in order to keep the inconvenience for Ti and their customers as low as possible. Brückner Servtec replaced all damaged mechanical and electrical equipment and supervised the start-ups of the lines. Additionally, several electrical components, which were only indirectly affected by the fire, had to be treated with a special cleaning procedure to return to full operation once more. For faster troubleshooting Brückner Servtec installed a Teleservice workstation which enables remote access to the lines and improved services.


Due to the enormous dedication of all involved people, the lines were set up for film production within only four weeks - usually such an act of strength takes three months.


Ti was highly satisfied with the fast, reliable and smooth service and reported about Brückner Servtec’s performance in the July edition of its magazine “Ti news”: “We would like to offer particular and sincere thanks to Brueckner Servtec, who were able to supply in record time all the mechanical and electrical equipment and supervising the start-up of the plant.”