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12 Feb 2009

Saving of record-breaking 630 kW with TDO Heat Recovery System

Brückner’s solutions for maximizing energy efficiency convince more and more companies in the film industry world-wide. Polinas Plastik Sanayii ve Ticareti A.S., Turkey’s largest BOPP producer, just recently installed a TDO Heat Recovery System at its BOPP 7 line.


Heat recovery, particularly on the transverse direction orientation (TDO) unit, leads to tremendous energy savings by recycling the heat of the exhaust air through a heat exchanger - preheating the needed fresh air. This efficient way of using rejected heat does not only save energy. Due to the preheated fresh air less condensate is accumulated in the TDO unit which leads to a higher film quality and to less maintenance.


After only four days for modification of the TDO oven (non-Brückner design) by Brückner Servtec, Polinas Plastik benefits now from an unbelievable saving of up to 630 kW of heating power due to the Heat Recovery System at its line.


The installation has been perfectly finished by the well operating project teams of Polinas Plastik and Brückner Servtec. Soon after start-up the contracted results have been achieved.


Additionally, the system leads to improved film quality because of reduced temperature differences in the TDO and the controlled condensate absorption and removal. The last one is also the reason for less maintenance in the TDO which saves further costs.


Mr. Ertan Yilmazer, Project Maintenance and Utilities Manager at Polinas Plastik: “Brückner’s TDO Heat Recovery System provides two unbeatable benefits: Firstly, due to the high costs savings, the investment pays back within no time. And secondly, since there are less emissions to the environment, it is a very environmentally friendly system. This fits perfectly to our strategy of innovative solutions and environmentally aware production.”

Energy saving with the TDO Heat Recovery System