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14 Apr 2014

Quanzhou Lichang Plastic successfully upgraded BOPP-line to 5-Layer


The Chinese film producer Quanzhou Lichang Plastic teamed up with Brückner Servtec and upgraded its BOPP-line to 5-layer film production.

With their 5-layer line, Quanzhou Lichang Plastic can now enlarge its product portfolio with a wide variety of quality film and produce higher margin film. The production of specialties is an appropriate alternative to the tremendously increased production capacity of the so-called commodity films. As a special customer request, the co-extruders are equipped with twin screws. The focus of the 8,2m line will be on synthetic paper.


For Brückner Servtec, it was the first 5-layer upgrade carried out in China. The success of the project and the smooth start-up based also on the good cooperation of the participating parties: the excellent job during preparation and commissioning of the Quanzhou Lichang Plastic team as well as the planning and engineering by Brückner Servtec in Germany which was supported by experts from Brückner Technology China during commissioning.


About Quanzhou Lichang Plastic

Quanzhou Lichang Plastic is located in Nan’an in the province of Fujian. Its main products are synthetic paper and other specialty products. The two BOPP film production lines have a total annual output of about 60,000 tons.

Lv Shui Chou (General Manager of Quanzhou Lichang Plastic, right) and Nenad Udovcic (Service Director Brückner Technology China) shake hands on the successful 5-layer upgrade project