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13 May 2008

Perfect timing at Shanghai Jinpu Plastic Material

The Chinese BOPP film producer, Shanghai Jinpu Plastic Material Co. Ltd., installed the latest clip handling equipment for soft and smooth operations in the TDO of its 6.6m-Brückner line: the magnetic clip closing and opening system for FOK 4.4.4.


In order to keep the shutdown time as short as possible, Shanghai Jinpu Plastic stopped the line in the evening and organised the required disassembling of the line during the night according to Brückner’s specifications. On the next day, Brückner Servtec could start immediately with the installation, since everything was perfectly prepared. 


The magnetic clip closing and opening system is a new technology by Brückner and allows a complete impact-free clip handling in the TDO – an important pre-requisite for highest quality film! Shanghai Jinpu Plastic enjoys now a wear-parts-free system, since closer wheel, dumper wheel and opener wheel have been removed. This new method needs only a single, one-time adjustment of the magnets, which was completed during the brief installation period of only two days. 


After a short training by Brückner Servtec for the maintenance personnel, Shanghai Jinpu Plastic was able to once again run its line at full output within only 2.5 working days. They benefit now from special magnets with a long lifetime for smooth and contact-free closing and opening during operation – resulting in less maintenance and higher film quality. 


Due to the excellent time management and cooperation between the two companies, the project was so successful and Brückner Servtec says “Thank you” for being part of this outstanding project. 


Established in 1995 as a J.V., Shanghai Jinpu Plastic produces at two Brückner lines a great variety of BOPP film (total capacity 29,000 tpa), such as plain film (specifications from 18 to 60µm), paper-laminating film (specifications from 12 to 15µm), pearlised film, heat-sealable film, adhesive tape film, mat film, special barrier film, laser holographic film, metalized film, etc. The products have a broad range of applications in packaging of food, pharmaceutics, clothing, stationery, daily necessities and household articles.