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07 Jul 2004

PC-workstation / line printer

Concerned projects: All projects with Motorola Unix computers


As the original installed X-terminals (Tektronix, XP20, XP338, NCD-HMX, …), which were used as operator workstations, are not available anymore, our according replacement are so called PC-workstations. These are some special configured computers (linux), which can be used instead of the X-terminals. The workstations will be completely pre-configured and tested at Brückner. It is not necessary to replace all the X-terminals at once, as PC-Workstations and X-terminals can be operated together at the same time.


Additionally we offer replacement for the old line printers (Epson needle printer). The replacement type is an actual laser printer model, which will be connected to one of the PC-workstations. However, printing is still possible from all operator workstations, in the same way as before. The advantage is a better printout quality, as most of the needle printers still in operation are worn out already. Further it is getting more and more difficult to get new ink ribbon cartridges for the old printers.