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15 Dec 2017

New Module for Service Package: IPC Routine Maintenance

Keep your IPC system running


What’s the actual status of the IPC system of a film production line? Is everything running smoothly, or are there any possible upcoming problems? In order to find this out and do something about it, Brückner Servtec extends its Service Package and introduces the IPC Routine Maintenance (IRM) module. The IRM includes various remote checks of the IPC system by Brückner experts which assures best system performance and avoids line stops. 


There are three levels of remote check:


Brückner will check on a daily basis the remote connection to the customer’s IPC system. In case the connection is down or unstable, the customer will be informed by email.


On a second level, Brückner checks the customer’s IPC system every six months. This includes the hardware messages of the server, UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and firewall. Furthermore, the server log files will be investigated for possible approaching problems.  Brückner will also check the condition of the PVSS database and fix small upcoming warnings before they get critical.  The last point of the half-yearly check is the file system, to see if there is sufficient disc space. The customer receives a system status report about all outcomes.


The third level of the IRM consist of a comprehensive yearly check of the backups of the PVSS database, MMS / RDH database, and all machine parameters. An additional check of the PLC software including data blocks (which contain the entire line settings), allows a very fast restore in case the PLC must be restored. Finally, Brückner analyses the complete IPC server and, if installed, the MMS server.


These routine remote checks allow the customer to avoid IPC system failures and increase the uptime of film stretching lines.