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18 Jul 2006

Internet Teleservice

Concerned projects: Lines with PVSS or UNIX/APROL system


As the remote service opportunities for your production line(s) are quite limited due to the low bandwidth and reliability of analog modem and router connections, we want to introduce our new “Internet Teleservice”, which utilizes the internet access as remote and teleservice communication platform.


This new system can be used for the actual PVSS system as well as for the older UNIX/APROL visualization system. For the PVSS systems this “Internet Teleservice” will increase the teleservice performance and reliability. For UNIX/APROL lines there even will be additional new features getting available. Using the outdated modem connection, up to now the access to the IPC system was limited to text terminal functions. With the “Internet Teleservice” also a graphical access to the control system will be available, which allows process optimisation and support, enhanced troubleshooting and training, as well as software modifications on the system.


Having this new internet access installed opens the door for an enhanced spectrum of new teleservice applications and packages. Due to additional bandwidth, now also audio and video signals can be transferred. While “Voice over IP” telephones will simply lower the telephone cost during trouble-shooting, the transmission of live video signals in both directions will dramatically increase the spectrum for remote services, also opened for process engineers and mechanical engineers.