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19 May 2017

International Plastic Industry met in Guangzhou

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2017


Guangzhou was one again the center of the international plastics industry. Film manufacturers from China and all over the world gathered at the Brückner booth to discuss the latest solutions from Brückner Servtec to maximize line availability and profitability.


Many great talks have been held on upgrading solutions for existing lines, like the conversion to the production of high margin specialty film (e.g. 5 and 7 layer ultra-high barrier). Services that increase maintenance, line and production-efficiency were also of much interest. In addition, the services provided locally through Brückner Suzhou (e.g. clip and chain refurbishment, corona roll management and more) were part of numerous fruitful discussions.


Along with the Brückner Group companies, visitors also came to discuss Brückner Maschinenbau’s latest solutions for high performance BOPP and BOPET films, various line types for outstanding BOPA films, complex multilayer ultra-high barrier structures or functional films.


At the joint Brückner Group booth, besides Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner Servtec, visitors also met Kiefel, showing their latest developments for the packaging, automotive, medical & appliance industry, and PackSys Global, presenting their advanced packaging equipment.


Brückner Servtec would like to say “thank you” to all visitors, partners and friends, who made this exhibition a great and successful event – looking forward to Chinaplas next year!











在布鲁克纳集团展位,除了布鲁克纳机械有限公司和布鲁克纳技术服务公司,参观者也了解Kiefel的最新发展,涉及包装、自动化、医药及应用行业,及PackSys Global先进的包装设备。




Brückner meeting area at Chinaplas 2017
Brückner Servtec staff at Chinaplas 2017
Brückner meeting lounge at Chinaplas 2017