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21 Apr 2010

Flash News: Volcanic ash cloud causes flight bans - but we keep in touch


Dear Customers and Friends,


More than 95,000 flights have been cancelled within the past days due to a volcanic ash cloud blowing across Europe from an eruption in Iceland. This unforeseen and uncontrollable natural phenomenon shows once more that Mother Nature is more powerful than humans will ever be.


In addition, it also demonstrates how vulnerable international business and economy can be: Appointments and meetings have to be postponed or even cancelled; passengers remain stranded at airports or start an odyssey by bus or train across Europe to get to a certain place; manufacturing plants stand still since troubleshooting specialists cannot travel by air and help on-site in case of an emergency. These restrictions are not limited to these days and can happen again in the future.


But what can we do to protect you and us from the consequences of such unforeseen happenings? The answer is much simpler than it appears at first sight:


             Video Conferencing and Remote Service


Brückner offers these services for customers and partners worldwide not only to increase efficiency and flexibility of humans and machines but also to become more independent from external influences: Meeting participants can stay wherever they are in the world and still attend the meeting; specialists are immediately available for troubleshooting and training without leaving the office.


Have a look at our videos below to see how these services can change the way business gets done in the future and protect the environment additionally.


Yours sincerely,


Uwe Thönniss and Werner Bamberger

Managing Directors of Brückner Servtec