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08 Aug 2008

First shrink film line for Renolit: Successful retrofitting from PP to MOPVC

Renolit Hispania, S.A., part of Renolit AG, expanded its product portfolio with Transverse Direction Oriented (TDO) PVC and PS shrink film. In addition to several PVC calender and extruder lines at its plant in Estella and elsewhere, Renolit Hispania relocated and modified a former BOPP-line.


Mr. Dieter Maurer, project leader for Renolit Hispania: “In the past, we have produced non-stretched PVC at our plant in Spain. However, producing TDO-PVC and PS opens attractive opportunities for us. After we have found a used BOPP line, which could be modified, we decided to enter this territory of film production.”


Following a line inspection by Brückner Servtec, the BOPP line has been relocated to Spain and transformed to a TDO film production line. Within the project, Brückner Servtec was in charge of a package of upgrades to convert the former BOPP line to a MOPVC line:  



State-of-the-art visualisation and control system (Brückner PVSS II)

Complete new TDO-oven insulation for energy saving

Electrical width adjustment in TDO chain track system for easy and quick stretching angle setting

New temperature control in TDO including increased amount of heating circles for improved temperature distribution

Infrared heating device for optimised film profile

Two motor drives for the chain track system  

Modification of the TDO outlet to a wide adjusting range for many profiles and film types

Special edge trim cutting device with suction funnel at TDO outlet for recycling

Modification of the pull roll for MOPVC-production and installation of the latest optical film inspection system for 100% controlled film



“Shrink film offers our customers new application possibilities,” so Mr. Maurer. “Consequently, this step helps us to meet future market demands. For this challenging task, we have chosen Brückner Servtec as partner since they have an outstanding experience and know-how in line relocation and upgrading.”