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24 Oct 2014

First Open House at Brückner Colombia

Successful event in Bogotá


Brückner Colombia recently hosted an Open House in Bogotá. The main focus of the event was on preparing film stretching lines for actual and future requirements. A full day’s program of presentations included the latest technologies, market developments and services for the BO industry.


The guest speaker of the day was Tony Knoerzer, Vice President R&D, at PepsiCo, who started with his presentation on foresights in the food packaging by analyzing the question “What will be the needs in 2025?”. Another highlight was the lecture given by Steffen Sieber, Senior Sales Manager at Brückner Maschinenbau. He informed the delegates about market challenges, presented Brückner’s technical solutions to it and gave an outlook to the future developments of film stretching lines.


How to prepare existing lines for the future has been presented by Jürgen Haller, Managing Director at Brückner Colombia. He focused on adding value to film production with upgrading to 5-layer film. Werner Kröter, Head of Department ILM at Brückner Maschinenbau, showed how Intelligent Line Management (ILM) software can improve the productivity. He introduced also the energy monitor which measures and analyses the energy consumption of the film production process.


Since customers in the Americas are sometimes affected by unstable power supply, Winfried Renner, Electrical Upgrade Manager at Brückner Servtec, presented the delegates the Active Voltage Conditioner, a tool for load protection during voltage drops. Cesar Reyes, Regional Service Manager at Brückner Colombia, demonstrated the delegates in an informative way, why maintenance for film stretching lines is important and pays back quickly.


Further presentations were given by Brückner’s suppliers: Ulrich Harz, Product Manager at Dr. Schenk, presented quality control with optical cameras and explained in detail the inline automatic optical inspection technology. The delegates were also informed about the latest developments and applications of flame treatment technology by Stefano Mancinelli, Sales & Process Manager at esseCI s.r.l.


During a tour of the Brückner Colombia facility and the ensuing dinner, the delegates and the speakers had enough time for discussions and the exchange of ideas.


The Brückner team says thanks to all customers for their visit at the Open House in Bogotá.


Interview with Jürgen Haller, Managing Director at Brückner Colombia

(Please note that the interview is in Spanish)


If you are interested in the presented topics, please send an email to including your name, position and company. Please specify, which presentation you want to receive.

Tony Knoerzer, Vice President, R&D, at PepsiCo, presented foresights in the food packaging and analyzed the question “What will be the needs in 2025?”
Delegates were highly interested in Brückner’s technologies
Fruitful discussions at the Open House
Home of Brückner Colombia