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06 Feb 2015

Discontinuation Information

Support of ISDN and analog modem connections


The support of analog and ISDN communication technologies of Brückner‘s Customer Service has finally come to an end. These communication technologies have mainly been used by Brückner service specialists for remote connection to production lines in urgent service cases.


Since 2005, Brückner film production lines have been equipped with modern broadband internet connections (firewall). These connections have gradually replaced existing ISDN and analog connections. Readymade spare part packages for upgrading to broadband internet connections (firewall) are available.


IMPORTANT: Broadband DSL connections (firewall or proprietary VPN) are not affected!


AFFECTED PARTS: ISDN connections (Router) and Analog connections (Modem)


REPLACEMENT: Broadband DSL connection (Firewall)


If your line still features ISDN or analog modem connections, please get in touch with Brückner Servtec service specialists at They will find a suitable alternative solution for your production line.