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29 May 2013

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas

Great interest in profitable operation of existing film stretching lines


Chinaplas in Guanghzou from May 20-23 showed that Chinese film producers are highly interested in upgrading their film stretching lines in order to stay competitive, e.g. by increasing the output or enter new markets by producing new film types.


Customers were very keen on upgrading their lines to produce various kinds of multilayer film with Brückner’s proven extrusion system and die design. These added-value special films have higher margins compared to commodity films. They are a good solution for existing, older lines, which are not efficient any more due to lower output, which is – on the other hand - beneficial for special film.


Furthermore, Brückner Servtec presented:

  • Comprehensive services for film stretching lines of any brand
  • Remote service for efficient troubleshooting and fast remote restart of the production, e.g. 24/7 electrical service hotline, operated by Chinese speaking, reliable and competent electrical specialists, who are located in China
  • Mobile Solution with selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the iPad
  • Professional chain and clip refurbishment for saving of investment costs for new tools and equipment


The team of Brückner Servtec would like to thank all visitors for the fruitful and interesting discussions.