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11 May 2017

Another benchmark for special services

PT. Lotte Packaging Indonesia turnkey 8.2m BOPP plant relocation from China to Indonesia


In the first quarter of 2016, PT. Lotte Packaging Indonesia (Lotte Aluminium Co.,Ltd from Lotte Group, Korea ) awarded Brückner Servtec GmbH with a contract to relocate a 8,2m BOPP plant from China to its Jakarta Operation. The contract was based on a full turnkey service. The production of the relocated PT. Lotte Packaging line 4 plant went successfully on-stream at its new location in February 2017, followed by the inauguration in March.


The relocation project was launched due to customer’s urgent need of increasing the existing production capacity. To fulfill this need, a 2nd hand production line was moved and set in production, adding 26,500 tpa to Lotte’s BOPP production capacity.


After dismantling the machine and equipment, more than 90 containers were shipped from China to Indonesia. Prior to arrival, PT. Lotte constructed a new 7,075m² production and warehouse facility within the shortest time. In less than 6 months after unloading the first boxes, the line was back in production at its new premises. Joint workforce efforts given by PT. Lotte and Brückner Servtec made the 2nd hand line as good as new. Today, excellent overall equipment condition enables PT. Lotte Packaging to produce prime quality plain and co-extruded film grades.


The recently completed turnkey relocation attracts high attention in the market. It is the 10th worldwide relocation conducted with Brückner Servtec’s expertise. The cooperation with PT. Lotte Packaging Indonesia’s professional support made it a success story and set a new benchmark in turnkey relocation.


MDO and TDO at new location
Pull Roll Stand at new Location
Good film on Winder
Inauguration ceremony

Turnkey Relocation Options

  • Full machine and equipment dismantling
  • Packing and documentation
  • Upgrading & refurbishment
  • Plant engineering and site logistics
  • Installation, checkup and commissioning