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12 Sep 2018

Chinese film producers gathered in Suzhou

Brückner Leading Technology Open House 2018
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03 Sep 2018

Preventive maintenance in the focus of Chinese film producers

Clip and Chain Overhaul
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21 Aug 2018

Next Twin Screw and Drive Upgrade in Italy

Manucor S.p.A. and Brückner Servtec team up again for a comprehensive upgrade of line 4 in Sessa Aurunca / Italy.
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15 Jun 2018

Brückner Servtec Strengthen its Business Field for Clip and Chain Overhaul

Professional overhaul processes at all Brückner locations worldwide for more customer value
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11 May 2018

NPE remains the main showcase for NAFTA’s plastics industry

Great interest for Brückner’s film stretching innovations – sustainability one of the hot topics
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27 Apr 2018

World Plastics Industry met in Shanghai

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2018
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17 Apr 2018

Secured Line Availability with Computer Virtualization

How an older server stopped a line in China for days
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23 Mar 2018

„LIWIND® system is working amazingly!“

Overwhelming feedback from customer
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13 Feb 2018

Great attention on service and upgrading solutions

Brückner Servtec at Plastindia 2018
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26 Jan 2018

Lifecycle Service in the Spotlight

At Interplastica in Moscow visitors paid great attention on new service and upgrading solutions
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19 Jan 2018

European BOPP film producer relies on Brückner Servtec’s line audit

Identify opportunities to be prepared for future market challenges
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19 Dec 2017

Management changes within Brückner Servtec

Werner Bamberger goes into retirement on March 31, 2018, after more than 40 years in leading positions with Brückner Maschinenbau and as managing director of …
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15 Dec 2017

New Module for Service Package: IPC Routine Maintenance

Keep your IPC system running
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10 Nov 2017

Brückner Servtec at Plastimagen in Mexico

Local service offers and upgrading solutions drive film production forward
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02 Nov 2017

BOPET Films Professional Committee of CPPIA gathered in ChongQing

A one-of-a-kind congress for biaxial oriented PET film and Brückner inbetween
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12 Sep 2017

Increased line availability with optimized spare parts management

Having the right spare part at one’s disposal when it has to be changed at the line is crucial for the line’s uptime and production performance.
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01 Jun 2017

How to improve maintenance performance

Technical exchange seminar between Brueckner and Gettel Group specialists
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19 May 2017

International Plastic Industry met in Guangzhou

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2017
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11 May 2017

Another benchmark for special services

PT. Lotte Packaging Indonesia turnkey 8.2m BOPP plant relocation from China to Indonesia
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09 May 2017

Be connected!

Brückner Group members at the Interpack 2017
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07 Apr 2017

Advanced services and upgrading technology at Feiplastic 2017

Sao Paulo was once again the center for the plastic industry.
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17 Feb 2017

New Vice President Service in Brückner Machinery India

Promotion of Mr. Anand Kulkarni
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27 Jan 2017

Advanced services and upgrading technology at Interplastica 2017

Advanced services and upgrading technology at Interplastica 2017   Moscow was once again the center for the plastic industry.   During the Interplastica …
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11 Jan 2017

Arabplast 2017 with great success

First Exhibition in 2017 - Arabplast   From January 8 through 10 the world’s plastic industry met in Dubai, UAE, to present the latest achievements and …
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26 Oct 2016

New service offers drives film production forward

Bruckner Servtec at the K2016
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23 Sep 2016

Open House event in Foshan China

With more than 160 participants, the 2016 Brückner Leading Technology Open House welcomed distinguished guests from across China for the event which happens …
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26 Aug 2016

Brückner Servtec at the K 2016

New service offers drives film production forward
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28 Apr 2016

Great interest in local service and upgrading solutions

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2016
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03 Feb 2016

Brückner Servtec’s successful development at the Interplastica 2016

Russian and international film producers showed great interest in the high quality products and services of Brückner Servtec to improve the productivity of …
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15 Dec 2015

Management changes within the Brückner Group

Internal management changes within Brückner Servtec, Brückner Maschinenbau and Brückner China
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10 Nov 2015

Brückner Colombia celebrates its 5th anniversary

In 2010 Brückner Colombia, a member of the German Brückner Group, was founded in Bogotá in order to provide enhanced service for the growing customer base …
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31 Jul 2015

Computer virtualization for existing BO lines

Computer virtualization can help to extend the life cycle of the hardware and software on a film stretching line. It is the latest standard for IPC …
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16 Jul 2015

NEW: Process Line Inspection Service

Brückner Servtec introduces its new service for process line inspection to find possible areas of improvement on the film stretching line.   Click here to …
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01 Jun 2015

Higher standards of shipping procedures

In pursuit of the promise „Keeping You Ahead“, Brückner Servtec is proud to announce higher standards of the shipping procedures:   Highest …
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27 May 2015

Strong interest of Chinese film producers for upgrading and service solutions

This year’s Chinaplas showed that Chinese film producers are increasingly looking for solutions to increase their product range in order to cope with the …
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14 Apr 2015

FilmTech Japan 2015: Brückner’s film stretching technologies met …

Japanese film manufacturers showed great interest in specialty film production
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31 Mar 2015

Andreas Waldner new Head of Sales and Service worldwide

Brückner Servtec is pleased to announce that Andreas Waldner is appointed Head of Sales and Service worldwide as from now on.   Waldner joined Brückner …
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30 Mar 2015

NPE visitors looked for solutions for innovative film production – and …

Brückner Maschinenbau presented the latest film stretching technologies and Brückner Servtec demonstrated how film producers can improve the productivity of …
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23 Mar 2015

New Head of Brückner Services in India

Anand Kulkarni is the new Head of Brückner Services India.
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10 Mar 2015

Taghleef Industries successfully stretches the speed limit by more than 40%

Taghleef Industries (Ti), a leading Bi-oriented Polypropylene film producer, successfully increased the speed of its 8,2 m line by 40% with specific upgrades, …
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05 Mar 2015

Improved film quality with MDO soft drive upgrade

MDO soft drives for existing lines
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10 Feb 2015

Brückner Servtec at Plastindia 2015

Service and upgrade solutions for higher performance
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22 Dec 2014

ChinaNewPlas exhibition inaugurated with strong Brückner presence

ChinaNewPlas was held for the first time ever in Guangzhou
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24 Oct 2014

First Open House at Brückner Colombia

Successful event in Bogotá
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20 Oct 2014

Leading Technology Open House at Brückner China

Brückner Servtec, the service affiliate within the German Brückner Group, and Brückner Technology (Suzhou) recently hosted a joint Open House which focused …
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30 Apr 2014

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2014

Solutions for the profitable operation of film stretching lines
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14 Apr 2014

Quanzhou Lichang Plastic successfully upgraded BOPP-line to 5-Layer

The Chinese film producer Quanzhou Lichang Plastic teamed up with Brückner Servtec and upgraded its BOPP-line to 5-layer film production. With their …
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28 Nov 2013

JK Materials: Speed increase with High Pressure Air Knife for BOPA line

The Korean film producer JK Materials Co., Ltd. orders a high pressure air knife pinning system for its BOPA line.
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28 Nov 2013

Fitness program for new markets

Brückner Servtec in the magazine "Kunststoffe international"
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25 Oct 2013

Brückner Servtec at the K show - Latest technologies for efficient …

For Brückner Servtec, the world’s largest plastics and rubber trade fair, the K 2013 in Düsseldorf, has been the highlight of the year. Numerous customers …
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29 May 2013

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas

Great interest in profitable operation of existing film stretching lines
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15 Jan 2013

Brückner Academy 2013

The Brückner Academy training programme 2013 is now available. Please see the attached Infoletter for detailed information on training forms, training …
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12 Dec 2012

Great interest in Leading Technology Exhibition in China

Brückner Servtec’s second exhibition in China proved once again the great interest of Chinese film producers in upgrades and services for existing lines. …
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22 Oct 2012

Brückner Servtec at Maintain 2012

Industrial services at highest level
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20 Aug 2012

Discontinuation Information - RAID devices for Brückner IPC systems

Dear Valued Customer,   We have been informed by our suppliers that the availability of RAID devices used in Brückner IPC systems equipped with PVSS …
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12 Jul 2012

New Service Manager for the Near and Middle East, Africa and India

Dear Customers and Friends, It is our great pleasure to advise you that Mr Simon Finianos is our new Service Manager for the Near and Middle East, Africa …
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05 Jun 2012

Enhanced service for Indian Subcontinent

Continuing high demand for services from Brueckner Machinery and Service India Pvt. Ltd., member of the German Brückner Group, has led to a further expansion …
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