Leaving the best world possible

How to preserve precious resources

One of our prime concerns is to ensure that future generations inherit the best possible world. Since the company’s earliest days all Brückner Group members have given great thought to the important issue of how to preserve precious resources:

  • We have achieved major reductions in the energy consumption required for film production and plastics processing - and thus, emissions are reduced too.
  • Lines and machines from Brückner Maschinenbau, Kiefel and PackSys Global are characterized by a very high raw material efficiency.
  • Brückner Maschinenbau has developed a special energy monitoring tool to calculate the CO2 footprint for the production of flexible plastics film.

Plastics film and plastics packaging manufactured on lines of the Brückner Group members protect the packed products safely against environmental influences. This leads to a longer shelf life and to lower storage losses – which is good for the environment.

As an alternative to raw material based on crude oil, renewable materials are increasingly being used for packaging, a convincing alternative in view of the incomparably low carbon footprint. Brückner Group members offer advanced layouts for new lines or the modification of existing lines to process bio-based materials – e.g. Bio-PE, Bio-PA, Bio-PET or PLA.

We want to be part of the solution, not of the problem

Many of us have to deal with the negative headlines about plastics and the environment – especially with pictures of plastic waste in the oceans. However, in many cases, the coverage shows an opinion-driven image and only a small part of reality. Because plastic has many aspects. With our initiative "Yes, we care" we want to be part of the solution and not of the problem – for a future with plastic, but without plastic pollution! Because we care.

Soon there will be more about this on our newly designed website. This short movie gives you a taste.

Yes, we care