Core Values

Core Values

Social - Environmental - Economic

Our decisions are based on commercial considerations since economic success is vital for the continuity of our family-owned, independent company. In combination with long-time solidarity with our customers and partners, our commercial success is of benefit to all.


But we are also aware of our social responsibilities. Our guiding principles include respect for people as individuals, consensus as an approach and cooperation as a basis. We respect the rights, laws, religions and lifestyles of other countries. We are also guided by the Declaration of Principles of the International Labor Organization. We respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

We support worldwide institutions, organizations and associations ideally, materially and financially.


By developing innovative technologies and creative solutions, we not only improve our own environmental performance, but also help our customers to comply with the increasingly rigorous environment protection requirements.


We shall naturally continue to maintain these values in the future in order to preserve our environment and ensure that our society remains livable.