A code of conduct, valid for all Group companies

Brückner Group employees have contact with business partners, customers and other third parties on a daily basis. Every employee should conduct him- or herself with the utmost integrity at all times. All employees are therefore required to comply with both the general rules of human co-existence and the existing legal systems applicable in the various countries.


The strategic management holding has released a code of conduct which is valid for all Group companies - and which is monitored on a regular basis.

The examples contained within the guideline are designed to strengthen each employee’s sense of responsibility, to inform him or her of the nature and extent of this responsibility, and to assist him or her in dealing with this responsibility during daily working situations.


The issue of compliance is given top priority within all Brückner Group companies, and each employee, business partner, customer or other third party is expressly called upon by the management of Brückner Group to contact them either directly or the legal department in the event that any relevant incident arises.