We feel responsible - in every dimension

At Brückner Group we are committed to running our daily business in a way that is ethical, responsible and creates long-term value. All Group companies are aware of their ecological, economic and social responsibilities. All employees accept this responsibility – out of conviction and in our own interests, now and in the future.


Everyone talks about responsibility; we live it: For 20 years our own Brückner kindergarten has set a good example of how to combine work and family as well as contributing to society by giving back some of our own success. We actively demonstrate the responsibility we feel through our social fund for employees in financial difficulties, our personal development program for staff and the clear communication of our values to everyone within the company.

We offer state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, which are efficient and minimize energy and raw material consumption. Thus, we contribute to the environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources.


Interpersonal relations – internally and externally – are characterized by understanding and trust, openness and respect, reliability and integrity. By working together, by selling machines and services, by doing business together we create an environment which is based on true partnership and mutual respect.


The issue of compliance is given top priority within the Brückner Group, therefore a code of conduct was released, which is valid for all Group companies.