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from the Brückner Group
12 Sep 2012

The Brückner Group’s websites in new guise

The Brückner Group has succeeded in taking an important step forward: our Corporate Design has been “tidied up” and with smarter logos and colours our joint corporate identity will thus be demonstrated to the public more strongly than in the past. At the same time we shall be maintaining the independence of the companies within the Group. This will continue to strengthen overall awareness and ultimately the position of the different units as well as that of the Brückner Group as a whole on the world markets.


Our websites have been given a new look, which is both attractive and modern. They have also been improved in order to make them clearer and easier to use. As well as paying attention to the need for recognizability within the Group, the individual character of the separate companies has also been respected.


We are sure that our customers, partners and friends all over the world as well as the visitors of the Group companies’ various websites will enjoy our new appearance!